• Sustainable Development Goal 4

    We work towards inclusive and equitable education for all and seek to open pathways to lifelong learning.

  • Sustainable Development Goal 8

    We are committed to making a contribution towards decent work and economic growth.

Life-long Learning

Facilitating Transitions (from
School to Work)
Labour Market (re-) Integration
Modularized re- and up-skilling
Permeability and Mobility

Educations Systems

Policy and Strategy
Qualification Frameworks
Studies and Evaluations
Labour Market Assessments and Forecasts

Cooperative TVET Delivery

Aligning Supply and Demand of Skills
Private Sector Participation
Business Models for TVET
Mentoring and Coaching

Empowerment and Inclusion

Youth, Gender and People Facing Challenges
Promoting Social Development
Digital & Hybrid Learning and Teaching

management4education brings together a global network of experts and partners.

We design and deliver approaches to education and training, support the development of frameworks, policies and strategies and evaluate these to improve future programming.

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